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Music Ministry

Our music ministry creates an atmosphere for praise and worship through songs that are consistent with bible doctrine. Music is another way to enhance our fellowship services and worship God by offering various types of music to reach all audiences.


Praise & Worship Team

Our Praise & Worship Team plays an integral part in our Sunday morning worship services, as our choir use their gifted voices to give praise to God in our services. They minister to the congregation through a variety of music; setting the tone for an atmosphere of praise.


Media Ministry

This ministry is responsible for the recording, archiving, and distribution of media related products for the church.


Usher Board

We create and maintain an atmosphere of hospitality, which welcomes and prepares individuals for worship services while maintaining order in the proceedings.

“For the day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than dwell on the tents of wickedness.” –Psalm 84:10 


Youth Ministry

We empower our youth and offer an atmosphere for youth & teenagers to come to know God for themselves through fellowship and with our leadership teachings in their spiritual growth.


Shop Talk

This ministry calls for all men to come together as one to fellowship with one another in order to strengthen one another by dealing with everyday life and living. If you're looking to become a better father, son, husband or friend then consider joining this men's ministry to help you along the way.

Deacon Board

Our Deacons are ordained in accordance with the characteristics of 1st Timothy 3:8-13 and the rules of the church. It is the duty of the Deacon to assist the Pastor in all spiritual and financial work of the church and to provide assistance with expressing and implementing the vision of the Pastor.



We are united to promote fellowship, unity and Godliness among the young boys & men of the church, which includes Bible lessons that teaches how to be consistent with the Bible doctrine. We encourage them to be positive role models as members of the church as well as pillars of strength in their families.


Women’s Auxiliary

The vision of the Smyrna Women’s Ministry is to encourage women of all ages to cultivate their relationship with Christ, and to provide Biblical instruction that will challenge, train and equip its members and future generations for ministry, evangelism, and spiritual growth.


Morning Fellowship  &  Sunday School

This hour of study is designed to bring us together a one in the body of Christ. This time allows members to be challenged by God’s word and to interact with each other a to how a passage applies to their lives.


Sunday School is broken off into different age groups and classes as a learning process to impact our lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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