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JUNE 25, 1984:

On this momentous day, a small group of dedicated, faithful believers found themselves without a church home.  Although they were few in numbers and committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, they needed a place of worship.

JULY 1, 1984:

The first meeting was held in the home of Bro. & Sis. Evans Jackson.  In attendance were a total of twenty-six.  Being on one accord and praying to God, the group was led by the Spirit to organize.  By the divine Will of God, a great work began under the leadership of Rev. Larry W. Jackson, Sr., Rev. Leonard Prudhomme, Bro. Ike Hunter, Bro. Evans Jackson, Bro. Lawrence C. Johnson, Sr., Bro. Tommy Neal, Bro. William Walker, Sr. and Bro. Clifford Johnson.  The meetings continued in the home of Bro. & Sis. Evans Jackson (deceased), with only one meeting being held in the home of Bro. & Sis. Jon Baker.

JULY 5, 1984:

The first location was established at 3902 Corto Street by Sis. Gloria Rattler.  Rev. Rose (deceased), the pastor of New Macedonia Baptist Church allowed the use of his church building for worship.  

JULY 11, 1984:

Rev. Larry W. Jackson, Sr. accepted the appointment of Officiating Pastor until the group selected a pastor. 

JULY 15, 1984:

The first worship service was held.  The sermon was entitled "Serving the Savior Sometimes Means Suffering" (Matt. 5:43-44, 1 Peter 3:14-17).

JULY 22, 1984:

The church chose the name by which it would be identified, Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church, (Rev. 2:8).  The name was presented by Sis. Annie Jackson, the First Lady. 

JULY 25, 1984:

The members assembled on one accord to organize as a church body in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As a result, the church officially organized.  Pastor J.O. Nelson (deceased) of True Doctrine Missionary Baptist Church conducted the installation service.  Total membership was sixty.  Deacons, teachers and officers were appointed, and members were given the right hand of fellowship by our Officiating Pastor, Rev. Larry W. Jackson, Sr.  The appointed deacons were: Deacon Ike Hunter (deceased), Deacon Lawrence C. Johnson, Sr., Deacon Evans Jackson (deceased), Deacon Williams Walker, Deacon Tommy Neal (deceased), and Deacon Clifford Johnson.  Also appointed were our church clerk, Sis. Bettye Flakes and church secretary, Sis. Deloris Johnson.  Mother of the church was later appointed: Sis. Lacy Beard (deceased), Sis. Pearl Nickerson (deceased) and currently, Sis. Ora Maxie. 

During his early ministry, Pastor Jackson declared our church's motto as, "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: We are One" (Eph. 4:5).

SEPTEMBER 16, 1984:

The membership of Smyrna's church family faithfully accepted God's choice as Pastor/Teacher, Rev. Larry W. Jackson, Sr.  "I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understandings" (Jer 3:15).

OCTOBER 14, 1984:

Installation services were held for Pastor Jackson.  His motto was that he was married to the Smyrna church family with no grounds for divorce (only separation by death).

JUNE 2, 1985:

Two additional deacons were added to the church: Bro. Percy Burton and Bro. Clifton Jackson (deceased).   


The Food Auxiliary and Tape & Publication Ministries were launched.  Pastor taped "The Institution of the Family."

NOVEMBER 6, 1985:

Smyrna hosted its first revival.


This year was very prosperous!  Smyrna's membership was rapidly growing, and in January, a church van was purchased.  We also launched our Community Street Ministry.  Our drivers were: Deacon Percy Burton and Deacon Clifton Jackson (both deceased).  

DECEMBER 1, 1987:

We purchased the property at 3315 Laura Koppe Road where we are presently located.  


We supported The Foreign Mission in Central America/Belize.


JULY 3, 1988:

Three Deacons was added to the church: Deacon Joe Butler, Deacon Raymond Pipkin and Deacon Jessie Gladney.  Many more deacons was added under the leadership of Pastor Jackson.

JUNE 2, 1989:

Smyrna purchased the building we now occupy from Morning Star Baptist Church, Rev. J.C. Van Dyke, Pastor.


The building was moved to our current property at 3315 Laura Koppe Road. 

OCTOBER 22, 1989:

Pastor Lenard Allen, Sr. and members of his congregation joined the Smyrna church family.  Pastor Allen later became Assistant Pastor and Minister of Education for the Sunday School Department. He was later called to pastor another church.

JANUARY 13, 1990:

Renovation began on the church sanctuary.  


Smyrna focused its attention on our Military/Armed Forces and began praying for our men and women in the Gulf.  Our pastor started a Military correspondence through our Youth Department - Reminding our soldiers that our love, thoughts and prayer were with them and that we were anticipating their safe return.  We thank God - all returned home safely!

MARCH 31, 1991:

We entered the sanctuary on Easter Sunday.  Joy, unspeakable joy abounded as we celebrated Resurrection Sunday and thanked God for His many blessings.

NOVEMBER 23, 1992:

Weedy Lane property was purchased.

NOVEMBER 23, 1993:

We paid off the Weedy Lane property, now named Lampstand Arena, Inc.

APRIL 17, 1994:

Our Church By-Laws were reconstructed for the purpose of incorporation and were adopted by the church body.  Smyrna is now Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. 

JUNE 5, 1994:

Our Board of Trustees were appointed.

APRIL 7, 1995:

Property to the right of the building was purchased to build Hunter Hall, named in honor of the late Deacon Ike Hunter who worked tirelessly and faithfully to complete our grounds.  Hunter Hall Conference and Learning Center was completed in 2004.

MAY 12, 2019:

God in His infinite wisdom and divine providence ended the earthly life of Dr. Larry W. Jackson, Sr. The entire Smyrna church family shared in the loss of our beloved pastor.  For thirty-five years he demonstrated great faith in Jesus Christ and an unwavering commitment to Smyrna Baptist Church.  There was no other place he would rather be on Sunday morning and Tuesday night.  He was a great husband, father and provider for his family and loved teaching and preaching the Word of God.  Under Pastor Jackson, many preachers were added to the ministry.  They were: Rev. Don Stephenson (deceased), Rev. Rennie Battist, Rev. Sterling Parker, Rev. Reginald Terry, Pastor Raymond Pipkin, Pastor Lenard Allen, Sr., Rev. Jimmie Derry, Rev. Elvan Hurrington, Sr., Rev. Alvin Williams, Rev. Allen Wayne Livingston (deceased), Rev. Alfred Cornish, Rev. Alvin Ouzenne, Rev. Keith Fisher (deceased), Rev. U.L. Franklin, II, Rev. Kevin Daniels, Rev. Cedric Sanders, Pastor Chris Jackson, Rev. Reginald Smith, Rev. Michael Winzer, Rev. Thurmon Smith, Rev. Kennneth Davis, Sr., and Rev. Philip Parker.  He had forty-four years of marriage that formed a special bond with his wife, Sis. Annie Jackson, affectionately known as "Boo."  Dr. Larry W. Jackson, Sr. will forever be in our hearts!  His Homegoing Celebration was held on Friday, May 17, 2019 at Greater Jerusalem Baptist Church, Rev. Joe Fred Russell, Pastor (one of his dearest friends). 


NOVEMBER 10, 2019:

Rev. Terrance Jermayne O'Neil, who had been chosen as our pastor-elect preached his first sermon.  He brought his entire family and we all celebrated with them.  He has been married for twenty-three years to Winona O'Neil.  They have four sons.  

FEBRUARY 16, 2020:

Rev. Terrance Jermayne O'Neil was installed as the new pastor of Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church.  To learn more about our pastor, click here.

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